Slopes & Trails

Miles of prepared ski-trails! They all start outside the hotel door! 

For anybodys skill level and all types of weather!



We have ski trails for different types of weather. During strong winds and short view-distance you'll have a great time in a low terrain with a dense forest. During sunshine and blue skies, we recommend both low terrain and the high mountains, just as strait or as steep as you like!





Our experienced trail-preppers ensure optimal ski tracks for safe and convenient skiing.




"The Worlds most kozy ski-slope"
South bound and turned towards the sun - easy and family friendly!

Here you can relax and still have a look-out on your little ones, from the top to the bottom of the hill.


Fefor ski-slope was established in 1952 and has a long history as a playground as well as an arena for serious competitive training. As an example we should mention the towns ski-hero Kjetil Jansrud who had one of this first training sessions right here at "Feforbakken"!





In the ski-café we offer hot and cold beverages, a simple homecooked food, perhaps a nice cake - and nice waiters.