Rooms & Suites


         (The Queen)

This building was erected in 1902 and decorated especially for the royal families and their courts. From the Norwegian Palace archives, we have copies of postcards Queen Maud sent from Fefor. Here she refers to this building as “our house”, and she points out the rooms where the different members of her family stayed during their holidays here. Fridtjof Nansen, our famous polar explorer and politician, also visited Fefor together with his friends, the royal family. There are many photos from those events, both in the hotel and in the National Gallery.


High class

Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands is also on our list of noble guests. She too chose Fefor, and especially this building, as her retreat on her many visits to Norway.


Another significant chapter in the history of Fefor Høifjellshotell links us to Sir Robert Falcon Scott. Following the recommendation of Fridtjof Nansen, Scott brought his team and equipment here to prepare for their famous Terra Nova expedition to the South Pole in 1911. And of course - they stayed in “Dronningen”.

The suites in “Dronningen” are decorated in delicate pastel colours many of us will remember from grandma’s childhood home.... Here you can dream yourself away to another place in time - on matresses of “royal” quality!


           (The Magistrate)

A tall and masculine building towering right across the road from “Dronningen”. The spacious rooms and suites are decorated with traditional furnitures in solid wood, manufctured decades ago here in Gudbrandsdalen. All rooms are with sofa, armchairs - and large windows to the east and to the west. A perfect sleep is guaranteed by luxury matresses!



      (The District Board)

Good double rooms with large windows and comfortable beds. Close to the recreational center with swimming pool, squash court, saunas and gym.



This special corridor located in the oldest building of Fefor got it’s name because all the doors have motifs and quotations from Ibsen’s masterpiece Peer Gynt. In “Gjendineggen” we offer familyrooms, suites and double rooms.

Here you’ll also find our small selection of single rooms - a perfect choice for you who like to travel alone, but who still want to be close to the heart of the house. In our single rooms we have kept the bed bases from the old-times - an intricate web of metal springs! - on top of these we have placed luxury matresses from Jensen - and again on top of those, a soft thick overmatress. Sending thoughts to The Princesss On The Pea, these beds should give you a fairytale sleep!