Nature & Scenery

The View

Strikingly many of our guests are saying the same thing; Looking out the windows of Fefor, automatically lowers your shoulders.. There is something very special, enchanting and almost magical to this landscape - with the beautuful Lake Fefor and its large and small islands - the hills in the west - the small mountain farms surrounding the lake - and not to be forgotten: The massive Jotunheimen in the north!


“Ved Rondane"

(Edward Grieg)

Safe and sound - embraced by the two Norwegian mountain massifs: Rondane in the east..



Our own majestic “monument” - a landmark in Gudbrandsdalen - 1160 meters above sea level. The cairn on the top is a favoured destination for hikers both in summer and winter. The walk to the top is a rising sensation of Norway at it’s best!


On Shore & at Sea

Summer & Winter

High & Low

Dusk & Dawn

Near & Far

Rising & Setting