Make good plans & build strong teams!

Our conference halls have:

Wireless microphones and sound equipment with NEXIA DSP control.
Blackboard, magnetic whiteboards, overhead, flipover, projector, podium with control panel.


(The Blue Hall)


Class room - 110 persons 
Cinema - 190 persons 



                 Floor 180m2
                 Free height 5.2m


"Peer Gynt"

(Peer Gynt’s Hall)


Classroom - 38 persons 
Cinema - 48 persons



                 Floor 56 m2
                 Free height 5.2 m


For groups


We have a great variety of possibilities when it comes to arranging team building activitities,. From a quiet evening of barbeque at the shore of our own lake, to rafting in the wild and famous river Sjoa! In the winter time, our curling arena is a perfect place for fun and games. As an example of summer activities we mention our very own triathlon: Canoeing across Lake Fefor - then a fair distance of hiking - before rounding up biking back to the hotel and the afternoon coffee table!

... and guaranteed in all seasons here, at Fefor:

Fresh air!
—a completely legal performance enhancing drug!