Weddings & Celebrations


Historical celebration

Fefor Høifjellshotell provides its own special and unique elegance and atmosphere around any event - be it weddings, anniversaries, jubilees or family reunions!


Different occasions - different settings - from small intimate gatherings with fingerfood, and timber walls in the library - to banquets for 200 guests with gourmet food and opera under the crystal chandeliers!

Celebrational dining

...can be of so many variations..: 10 courses with exotic wines... Fingerfood with cider... Sour cream porridge, salt meat and lemonade.. Local traditional meat soup and beer.. In short: Whatever your heart desires!



We are also widely famous for our generous party buffets. A joyous and delightful experience - for the eyes as well as for the palate!


Salons and lounges in several sizes; each with a distinctive personality, gives space for your imagination when planning the celebration. We even do outdoor wedding ceremonies on the balcony, and “night-before-the-wedding-parties” in “The Sanatorium”.

And when it’s time for a little dancing, our solid parquet floor gives space both for the Viennese Waltz and for the Jig.

Our stage can be arena for entertainment of various types - from the solitary troubadour - via pop bands - to big brass orchestras - The latter is, by the way, what we always present on New Years Eve!

Let the celebration be a valuable deposit in your bank of memories!